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Combatting Homelessness

The root of the problem of homelessness in central New Jersey is simple: Employment doesn’t pay a livable wage and housing is unaffordable. To combat this, FISH Hospitality works intensively with 3-5 families at a time to find sustainable housing.

Changing Lives

In 2021 FHP provided shelter, meals and extensive support services to 15 families. That’s 31 children and 18 adults who stayed off the street and had the support they needed to regain their independence.

Keeping Families Together

FHP focuses on serving families experiencing homelessness in a manner that preserves the dignity and strength of the family. This includes keeping families together during this difficult time and ensuring that children may remain in their own school system.

Engaging the Community

FHP relies on an interfaith network of over 13 local congregations who serve as host churches and an additional 19 support churches to help families in need. These volunteers constitute a powerful force for change in ending homelessness.

Inspiring Initiatives

FHP doesn’t stop at shelter, meals and hospitality. All of the guest families work through a financial literacy program, job skills assessment, monthly budgeting accountability, and any other necessary services such as family therapy, crisis intervention, or therapeutic mentoring.

Changing Perceptions

FHP volunteers come to know the human face of homelessness. FISH Hospitality builds greater understanding of problems – and of solutions.