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Fundraising Event

Saturday, April 30th, 6 pm – Sunday, May 1st, 7 am

Cardboard Box City is a fundraising event to create awareness and raise funds on behalf of homeless families and single women for FISH Hospitality Program (FHP), an organization serving people in need without regard to race, religion, national origin, or disability.

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Cardboard Box City provides individuals and groups with a greater personal understanding of the challenges facing families experiencing homelessness here in our own community.

Individuals, families, or groups spend the night in their own decorated cardboard box. There will be activities, entertainment and presentations throughout the evening related to family homelessness.


To generate awareness about the number of families experiencing homelessness in our own community and to raise money for FISH Hospitality (FHP), an organization that helps families find housing and become self-sufficient.


Register and collect contributions of a minimum of $100 to attend and contribute to the fundraising efforts. You don’t have to spend the night; just come for the program portion if you choose. If you stay over, bring a large box, a tarp, a pillow, blankets, or a sleeping bag.

We thank our amazing business sponsors for helping everyone have a home!

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